Release Spotlight: King Roostah & WIse Owl / Unsteady Split 12"

Own the reggae and dub sounds of summer with these two classic 1980s covers like you've never heard them before. Available on breathtaking color vinyl and limited to just 200 copies!

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Smoke & Mirrors Sound System

Smoke+Mirrors came about when the pandemic took away our ability to play in person, practice and record together.

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Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra

Join mad scientist Professor B. Miller and singing robot SPO-20 as they take you on an infectious musical odyssey. Once described by Dr. Nericcio as "If Kurt Vonnegut was in Devo," their brand of surreal satire and performance art is like no other.

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Formed in 1992 in Southern California, Unsteady blends ska & reggae with border town radio, a dash of geek, lounge, jump, circus, funk, soul and so much more.

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Award-winning Ska, Reggae and Punk band from Northern California!

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