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Los Tropics "Te Juro Que Te Amo" 7"

Los Tropics "Te Juro Que Te Amo" 7"

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Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of Los Tropics with their latest 7" single, "Te Juro Que Te Amo." This stunning release features the heartfelt Spanish-language song sung by the talented Stephy Brown, with Ali Culotta providing evocative backup vocals. The song, a touching narrative about a man professing his love as his girlfriend is minutes away from boarding a train, will tug at your heartstrings and transport you to that poignant moment of farewell.

Adding to the magic, the B-side of this single offers a mesmerizing dub version of "Te Juro Que Te Amo," expertly crafted by Roger Rivas of the Aggrolites. This rendition transforms the romantic ballad into a hypnotic journey, with echoing melodies and deep basslines that create a completely different listening experience while retaining the essence of the original.

Los Tropics, still led by the visionary Esteban Flores, continue to push the boundaries of ska and reggae with their unique blend of Latino and Jamaican influences. This release is no exception, presenting their signature sound on a stunning teal and blue splatter on clear vinyl that is as visually appealing as it is aurally enchanting. Following the success of their first 7", which sold out in just a week, this new release is poised to be another collector's gem.

Don't miss out on this limited edition 7" from Los Tropics, a band that effortlessly fuses cultures and sounds to create music that resonates across generations and geographies. Secure your copy and let the smooth rhythms and soulful lyrics of "Te Juro Que Te Amo" fill your world with the warmth and passion of Los Tropics' unique musical journey.

'‘Te Juro Que Te Amo‘’

‘’Te Juro Que Te Amo (Roger Rivas Dub)‘’

Esteban Flores: Piano, Organ, Percussions
Rafael Toloi: Bass
Daniel Ciudad: Drums
Rafael Frías: Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Stephy Brown: Lead Vocals
Ali Culotta: Harmony Vocals
Roger Rivas: Dub on Side B

Produced by Esteban Flores & Rafael Toloi
Arranged by Esteban Flores
Mixed and Mastered by Rafael Toloi (Arara Azul Music)
Music and Lyrics by Giulio Rapetti Mogol / Bruno Lauzi / Oscar Prudente 
Artwork by Michael Buchmiller

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