Collection: Smoke and Mirrors Sound System

Smoke+Mirrors came about when the pandemic took away our ability to play in person, practice and record together. John Roy had no work and was isolated like the majority of his fellow musicians. He wrote tunes, lyrics, arrangements, then recorded them with midi instruments in the office of his shuttered business. He emailed and messaged everyone he knew from his days of touring and live gigs with Gangbusters, OMD, English Beat, Unsteady and more. People trapped at home sent Tracks, wav files, mp3s, even voicemails! John edited all of it together, got it, mixed, mastered and pressed. He’s since gathered players to bring the records to life. His imaginary band started to become real! Korey Horn, Eddie Ocampo, Gil Sharone, Blake Colie, David Butterfield, Mark Lyn, Victor Rice, Sheldon Gregg, Steve Capecci, Antar Martin, Omar Lopez, Brent Ford, Alex Gonzalez, Andrew Bauer, Ken Stewart, Todd Davidson, Ali Culotta, Esteban Flores Valenzuela, Kevin Hewitt, Brian Jordan, Robert Sotelo Jr. Jeremy Peña, Karlos Paez, Mike Benge, Andy Geib, Kelly Di Filippo, Doug Shaffer, Tony Devenish, King Django, Kristin Forbs, Dave Hilliard, Jayson Nugent, Roger Rivas, Ivan Garzon, Unique Peace, Tori Roze, Chris Dowd, Zoe Devlin Love, Dave Simon, Mike Park, Vee Sonnets, Brian Lockrem, Rich Graiko, Israel Maldonado, Mike Benge, Eric Abbey, Suzuki Nob, Rafael Frias, Rebecca Jade, Gilbert Castellanos, Andrea Roy and more!
Smoke and Mirrors Sound System