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Smoke and Mirrors Sound System feat ROY ELLIS & MONTY NEYSMITH 10"

Smoke and Mirrors Sound System feat ROY ELLIS & MONTY NEYSMITH 10"

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Released by Jump Up! Records and available to you in a VERY limited quantity.

SMOKE & MIRRORS SOUND SYSTEM is the brainchild of John Roy (Unsteady, Gangbusters), who created a traditional ska /reggae studio supergroup during the 2020 shut down. The band’s current release output all across the world is mind blowing. LIQUIDATOR & BADSONIC in Europe plus STEADY BEAT in L.A. have all released 7 inch singles to follow up the “STRENGTH IN NUMBERS” full length – now it’s JUMP UP’s turn with this boss 10 inch vinyl EP pressed on classic black, blue, and red vinyl! We’ve reunited SYMARIP on record! Both sides stand on their own and deliver killer reggae grooves for skins, rudeboys, and roots fans worldwide! Just look below at the all the musicians on these tracks – plus ROGER RIVAS dubs both tunes as well! Exclusively partnered in the EU with Grover Records / Moskito Promotion! Once again the incredible CHEMA SKANDAL has designed original art that’s vibrant and breathtaking! Limited to 200 copies on each color. 

4 Song EP including two originals and dubs of each!

“Start All Over”  –   Music: John Roy   Lyrics: Monty Neysmith

Korey Kingston Horn – Drums  /  Brent Ford – Bass /  Matt Parker – Piano / Kevin Hewitt – Hammond Organ / Roger Rivas – Clavinet / Andrew Bauer – Guitars / Mike Benge – Trombone / Eric Abbey – Trumpet / John Roy – Saxes, Piano, Synth, Percussion / Erica Newell – Background Vocals / David Moxley- Toasting / Vocal / Monty Neysmith – Lead Vocal

“More That Unites” –  Music:  John Roy    Lyrics: Tony Devenish  (of Rebelation UK)

Roy Ellis – Lead Vocals & Toasting  /  Dan Vitale – Lead Vocal / Emilio Martinez – Drums /  Victor Rice – Bass / Tony Devenish – Guitar, Backing Vocal /  Roger Rivas – Organ  / Kevin Hewitt – Hammond Organ  /  John Roy – Saxes, Backing Vocal /  Buford O’Sullivan -Trombone, Trumpet, Backing Vocal

All tracks Mixed and dubbed by Roger Rivas at Rivas Recordings

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