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Smoke and Mirrors Sound System "No. 10 Dubbing Street" 2xLP

Smoke and Mirrors Sound System "No. 10 Dubbing Street" 2xLP

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The all-star band Smoke and Mirrors Sound System is back, this time paying tribute to Big Audio Dynamite's iconic album "No. 10, Upping St." Originally released in 1986, this album marked the final reunion of Mick Jones and former Clash bandmate Joe Strummer, who co-produced the album and co-wrote five of its nine songs. Adding to the mix was the legendary Don Letts, who, known for his work with The Clash, provided co-lead vocals and handled the sampler. Almost 40 years later, the album's innovative blend of reggae, hip-hop, and dance music not only holds up but also highlights how ahead of its time it truly was. Now, John Roy has gathered a who's who of the ska and reggae communities to put a unique spin on these amazing tunes. Plus the songs get a full dub treatment on the second LP of the release that just takes the songs to an entirely other level. If you missed the album the first time around, don't let it slip by you again.

Available on opaque orange and yellow 12" vinyl with deluxe gatefold jacket.



  • C’Mon Every Beatbox feat. Zoe Devlin Love (Jones, Letts)
  • Beyond The Pale feat. Eddie Skuller (Strummer, Jones)
  • Limbo The Law (Strummer, Jones, Donovan)
  • Sambadrome feat. Jesse Wagner (Jones, Letts)


  • V Thirteen feat. Tony Devenish (Strummer, Jones)
  • Ticket feat. Tippa Irie & Brother Culture (Strummer, Jones, Letts, Roberts)
  • Hollywood Boulevard feat. Shardie Flenoid & Ali Culotta (Jones, Letts)
  • Dial A Hitman feat. King Django (Jones, Letts)
  • Sightsee MC feat. Silky Hookings & Brother Culture (Strummer, Jones)


  • Hollywood Boulevard Dub (Victor Rice Mix)
  • Sightsee MC Dub (JonQuan Mix)
  • C’Mon Every Beatbox Dub (DM Kahn Mix)
  • Beyond The Pale Dub (Roger Rivas Mix)


  • V Thirteen Dub (Black Market Dub Mix)
  • Dial A Hitman Dub (Agent Jay Mix)
  • Ticket Dub (Wise Owl Mix)
  • Ice Cool Killer Dub (Victor Rice Mix)
  • Sambadrome Dub (JonQuan Mix)


Liner Notes:

Now y’all know I’m a forward looking kind of guy so there’s really been no call to listen back to Big Audio Dynamite. But Smoke & Mirrors Sound System broke that chain with this refix of our second album released almost 40 years ago. Their 21st century take on 'No.10 Upping St.' reminded me of how special that period of the band’s life was, capturing as it did the moment Mick n’ Joe creatively fell in love again. And yours truly along with Leo, Greg and Dan had front row seats to what’d be their last true collaboration. 

Listening to 'No.10 Dubbing Street’ left me feeling proud of what we delivered back in 1986 n’ touched by the fact that some four decades later it’s managed to captured the imagination a whole new audience. On a personal note I got to say I’m particularly proud of the fact that I got to write some tunes with Strummer & Jones - I mean how cool is that! Thank you Smoke & Mirrors Sound System for re-enforcing the quality of the original tunes whilst putting a whole new spin on ‘em - respect bredrin’.

- Don Letts, The Rebel Dread


C’Mon Every Beatbox
Drums - Blake Colie
Bass, Piano, BGV - Brandon Niznik
Guitar - Rick Torres
Guitar - Tony Devenish
Guitar, BGV - Nate Bridges
Organ - Kevin Hewitt
Organ, Synth, Piano - Roger Rivas
Trombone - Richard Quiñones
Trumpet - Doug Shaffer
Saxes, Piano, Organ, BGV - John Roy
Chat - David Moxley
Lead Vocals, BGV - Zoe Devlin Love

Beyond The Pale
Drums - Blake Colie
Bass, Guitar - Brandon Niznik
Guitar - Nate Bridges
Guitar - Rafael Frias
Guitar, BGV - Mike Bonanza
Keys, Organ - Roger Rivas
Accordion - Matt Hensley
Piano, Trumpet - Doug Shaffer
Trombone - Buford O’Sullivan
Sax, Keys, Perc, BGV - John Roy
Backing Vocals - David Lally
Backing Vocals - Andrea Roy
Lead Vocals - Eddie Skuller

Limbo The Law
Drums - Gil Sharone
Percussion - Alex Gonzalez
Bass - Victor Rice
Guitar, BGV - Nate Bridges
Keyboards - Roger Rivas
Piano - Todd Davidson
Trombone - Buford O’Sullivan
Saxes, Vocals - John Roy
Trumpet - Eitan Avineri
Trumpet - Luis Eric Gonzalez
Backing Vocals - John Bunkley

Percussion - Halysson Silva
Percussion, Vibraphone - Matt DiBiase 
Perc, Guitar, Cavaco - Israel Maldonado 
Percussion - Alex Gonzalez
Drums - David Butterfield
Bass - Victor Rice
Guitar - Brandon Niznik
Guitar - Nate Bridges
Keyboards, Organ - Roger Rivas
Keyboards, Trumpet - Doug Shaffer
Trombone - Buford O’Sullivan
Saxes, Percussion - John Roy
Vocals - Jesse Wagner

V Thirteen
Drums - Don Barthelemy
Bass - Jeffrey Govan
Guitar - Brian Jordan
Guitar - Rick Torres
Guitar, Melodica - Nate Bridges
Guitar, Lead Vox - Tony Devenish
Keys - Roger Rivas
Keys, Perc - Brandon Niznik
Backing Vocals -Mariela Contreras
Backing Vocals - Matt Rhea
Trombone - Richard Quiñones
Trumpet - Doug Shaffer
Saxes, Perc, BGV - John Roy
Spoken Word - Glyn Wilcox

Drums - Don Barthelemy
Bass - Jeffrey Govan
Guitar - Robert Sotelo Jr. 
Guitar - Brian Jordan 
Keyboards - Roger Rivas 
Trombone - Richard Quiñones 
Saxes - John Roy 
Tenor Sax - Brian Wallace 
Trumpet - Doug Shaffer 
Vocals - Tippa Irie 
Vocals - MC Brother Culture

Hollywood Boulevard
Drums - Don Barthelemy
Bass - Jeffrey Govan
Guitar - Brian Jordan
Keys - Eric Mazurak
Keys - Roger Rivas
Keys, Percussion, Saxes - John Roy
Trombone - Richard Quiñones
Trumpet - Doug Shaffer
Vocals - Ali Culotta
Vocals - Shardie Flenoid

Dial A Hitman
Drums - David Butterfield
Bass, Guitars - Brandon Niznik
Guitar - Andrew Bauer
Guitar, BGV - Nate Bridges
Organ, Piano, Clavinet - Roger Rivas
Baritone Sax - Matt Mason
Trombone - Buford O’Sullivan
Saxes, Keys, Perc, BGV - John Roy
Lead Vocals, Melodica - King Django
Phone Operator - Andrea Roy
Angry Customer - Ken Stewart
Mister Carson King - Dan Vitale

Sightsee MC
Drums- Don Barthelemy
Bass, Guitar, Piano - Brandon Niznik
Guitars - Brian Jordan
Guitars - Tony Devenish
Piano, Organ, Clavinet, Rhodes - Roger Rivas
Piano, Trumpet - Doug Shaffer
Saxes, Perc, Piano, BGV - John Roy
Trombone - Buford O'Sullivan
Trumpet - Brian Lockrem
Vocals - Silky Hookings
Vocals - MC Brother Culture

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