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Manganista - 7" Box Set

Manganista - 7" Box Set

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Get ready for a musical odyssey with Manganista's mind-blowing 7" box set. This unique collection features three distinct 7"s, each transforming the songs "Human Being" and "Angeline" into new musical realms.

The journey begins with the first 7" on coke-bottle clear vinyl, presenting "Human Being" and "Angeline" as compelling rock tracks. The second 7" on clear/purple splatter vinyl evolves these songs into ska and reggae renditions, blending rhythmic grooves with their thoughtful lyrics. The adventure concludes with the third 7" on opaque purple vinyl, where the songs are reimagined as dubs, rich with deep basslines and echoing harmonies.

Accompanying this auditory exploration is sleeve artwork by David Russell Talbott, offering a modern take on pulp paintings. The artwork depicts a Space Opera trilogy where AI Singularity evolution intersects with alien contact from beyond our galaxy, mirroring the transformation of the music within.

Inside the box, you'll also find a Manganista sticker, an air freshener, popping candy, and a set of five small plastic figures called "Bot or Nots." These figures invite you to play a game of distinguishing robots from humans, echoing the blurred lines between artificial intelligence and humanity.

Manganista, hailing from San Diego, California, has been blending rock, ska, reggae, and new wave for over 20 years. Influenced by early Elvis Costello, Oingo Boingo, and the Specials, their sound is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. This release features guest musicians Roger Rivas (the Aggrolites), Don Barthelemy, Brandon Niznik (Wise Owl), and John Roy (Smoke and Mirrors Sound System).

Discover the transformation of "Human Being" and "Angeline" across three vinyl records, each offering a unique take on these songs. Manganista's 7" box set is not just a musical experience, but a journey through sound and imagination.

7" One: 
"Human Being" and "Angeline"

7" Two: 
"Human Being (Humanoid Mix)" and "Angeline (Humanoid Mix)"

7" Three: 
"Human Being (Humanoid Dub)" and "Angeline (Humanoid Dub)"

Managnista is
Matt Rhea – Lead Vocals
Ryan McMullen – Guitar
Dusty Norberg – Drums
Jason Thomas – Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keys
Steve Anderson - Keys, Backing Vocals

"Human Being" and "Angeline"
Songs written and performed by Manganista
Recorded and mixed by Ben Moore
Mastered by Matthew Barnhart
Artwork by David Russell Talbott

"Human Being (Humanoid Mix)," "Human Being (Humanoid Dub)," "Angeline (Humanoid Mix)," and  "Angeline (Humanoid Dub)"
Manganista with
Don Barthelemy - drums
Brandon Niznik -Bass/keys/guitar
Roger Rivas - keys/organ
John Roy - saxes/backing vocals/perc/keys
Mixed by John Roy
Dub versions mixed by Dub Robot (Brian Wallace)
Mastered by Brian Wallace

Original paintings by David Russell Talbott
Design by Michael Buchmiller

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