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Alpheus "Unity" LP

Alpheus "Unity" LP

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Import 12" Vinyl - Direct from Liquidator!

Alpheus' Brand-New Album 'UNIFY' Produced by Roberto Sánchez is here.

This is their fifth album together, and yet again they have left no stone unturned, attention to detail is clear!

A Fourth release of an Alpheus album by well-renowned Liquidator Music label.

On this meticulously written and produced album, you will enjoy 12 brilliant tracks. Original compositions of Ska Rocksteady, Roots Rocksteady, and Early Reggae played by the talented 'Lone Ark Riddim Force Band' in a traditional style. In Fact, all the musicians were in the same room at the same time in Lone Ark Studio, attentive and intent on making the rhythm tracks authentically to give us the original sound, in golden era fashion.

'Unify', the title track of this superb fifth album from this talented duo, certainly hits the right nerves, at a time when we need to live together with Peace and Unity in this world.

As per usual, there are many positive message songs and vibrant uplifting righteous Ska tracks, to name a couple, such as 'Stand Our Ground' and 'No Time to Waste', where the mind of Alpheus and his pen reaches certain consciousness, something we all possess in some shape and form. Other great tracks are 'Friend For Life' an excellent song with that real old-school rocksteady feel. 'Rude Girl', is a track where Roberto Sánchez reaches into a nice latin feel and culture to bring us an outstanding bright ska track.

Most of the tracks are up-tempo groovy and delightful to dance to, like the wonderful early reggae track 'Party Tonight' and the recent successful Ska single ''Kitty Kitty', but there is an outstanding minor key composition by Roberto Sánchez, a moody track that will grab you, entitled ''Evil Man'', sung in a very eerie demeanor by Alpheus, delivered superbly. A deep song, that you automatically meditate with.

There is no doubt that this is another quality connoisseur's and collector's item from this team, that will stand the test of time for years to come.

released January 26, 2024


    • 1. Unify 02:55
    • 2. Real Rudy 02:32
    • 3. Mother Love 02:41
    • 4. Equality 03:00
    • 5. Kitty Kitty 02:43
    • 6. No Time To Waste 02:55
    • 7. Friend For Life 02:48
    • 8. Stand Our Ground 02:58
    • 9. New Horizon 03:02
    • 10. Evil Man 02:46
    • 11. Party Tonight 02:48
    • 12. Rude Girl 02:39


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