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Unsteady "Tightrope" CD

Unsteady "Tightrope" CD

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We've got the last few copies of Unsteady's long out of print debut album "Tightrope," originally released in 1996 by Immune Records.

1. Martha
2. Bald Fury
3. Bad Attitude
4. The Cost
5. Kalinda
6. Gotta Dance
7. Without You
8. Rockabilly Lover
9. Sally
10. Joanna
11. Insecurity
12. What Kind Of Fool?
13. Darkie Love Affair
14. Race And Reason
15. Heavy Rotation
16. Ode To Mr. Davis
17. Pimiento Loaf Gumbo

Kent Graves - Drums
Bryan Lancaster - Guitar
Kevin Scott Hewitt - Hammond and Farfisa Organ, Guitar
Nick Endres - Trombone
Jon Fisher - Trumpet
John Roy - Tenor and Alto Sax, Vocals

Also Featuring:
Mike Hahn - Drums
Kym Klift - Vocals
Mert Cushman - Accordion and Vibraphone
Tyler Grant - Banjo
Brian Vandewettering - Mandolin
Sabrian Ingalls - Clarinet
Bill Ridell - Tuba
Jeff Forrest - Lead Tambourine
Tom Bishop - Upright Acoustic Bass

Mastered by John Golden
Recorded at Doubletime Studios

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