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The Oldians "Soul’in Jamaica" 2x LP

The Oldians "Soul’in Jamaica" 2x LP

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Import 12" Vinyl - Direct from Liquidator!

This 2023 marks The Oldians’ twentieth anniversary and for such a date they present us 20 new songs on Soul'in Jamaica, their new full-length Studio album.

This Jamaican jazz band hailing out from Barcelona is surely one of the most prolific bands of the style in the world: since their seminal Old Secrets appeared in 2008, the Barcelonians have already summed 8 albums with this new one, to which we must add the live EP Rising Sun appeared in 2021 in addition to a good handful of singles.

Although 4 years have passed since their last album Roots'n'Soul and, with them, a pandemic and a thousand vital changes, The Oldians return to the fray, remaining faithfully devoted to their essence and sound and music experiences that range from love and despair to hope and heartbreak and let’s start again with an always necessary dose of black humor. Led by Sir J The Oldian in the composition, production, recording, editing, mixing and mastering and those old 6 strings of his guitar that sound only the way he wants,

Soul'in Jamaica contains 20 new gems in which the band moves with his trademark skill thru ska, rocksteady, soulful reggae and nyahbingi with the usual list of musicians who play and blow superbly and the voice of Saphie Wells, with her voice, flooding everything!!.

The Oldians' new album arrives in the best stores in the world with a deluxe edition on double 12” vinyl by Liquidator Music and artwork by the great Txarly Brown. The Oldians are turning 20 and the best gift we could give ourselves to celebrate is the 20 new gems that Soul'in Jamaica contains. Congratulations and... here's to many more!

released November 3, 2023

Featuring Saphie Wells


  • A1 - The Hopes Are Gone
  • A2 - Believing In Love
  • A3 - Don’t Take Anything Too Seriously!
    A4 - The Fury Is Me!
  • A5 - Don’t Forget The Path Done!

  • B1 - Tonight
  • B2 - Shuffle Boogie Train
  • B3 - A New Day, A New Start
  • B4 - As Much As You Want
  • B5 - Dark Or Black

  • C1 - You Better Run
  • C2 - Send Me A Sign
  • C3 - Far Away
  • C4 - Hamsters In A Jail
  • C5 - Everything Fades

  • D1 - They Never Know What To Do
  • D2 - Reggae Train
  • D3 - A New Melody
  • D4 - Reggae Jail
  • D5 - One Glimmer Of Hope
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