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Mr. Symarip "The Skinheads Dem A Come" Deluxe 2x LP

Mr. Symarip "The Skinheads Dem A Come" Deluxe 2x LP

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Import 12" Vinyl - Direct from Liquidator!

Deluxe repress limited to 500 copies
Pressed at "half speed mastering", plays at 45rpm
Includes insert with photos, texts and lyrics
Originally released in 2006

Liquidator Music represses, 16 years after it’s original release, the come back album by Roy Ellis, also known nowadays as Mr. Symarip. An album that has become a classic, featuring songs that are already anthems singalonged by his fans at the live shows as if they were ’60 Symarip classics. For this new repress the original art has been redesigned and has been luxury released in double LP featuring an insert with texts, photos and lyrics and pressed in "slow mastering" technique for a wicked sound, this edition plays at 45rpm. 

Roy Ellis was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He was already brilliant as a ten-years old solo singer in the Children Gospel choir in the Baptist Church in Kingston-Jamaica. In his school-days he developed a strong friendship with Jimmy Cliff, and also Bob Marley belonged to his circle of friends.

Later in the 60’s, in England and in central Europe, he made himself with his giant voice an international name in the Ska, Reggae, Gospel, Blues, Soul scene. Roy Ellis was also the lead singer from one of the most famous British-Ska, Reggae band: The Pyramids / Symarip. During the 60’s he was one of the pioneers for the Ska and Reggae music in England and Middle Europe.

In 1966 He was discovered by the "Godfather of Ska", Laurel Aitken, who wrote 2 songs: ‘Jesse James Rides Again’, and ‘Because I Love You’, and also produced a bunch of other hits for them.

In 1970 The documentary flim ‘REGGAE’ was shot in the Wembley stadium in London. Roy Ellis interpreted the Ska and Reggae music, and also gospel songs in Reggae style. And in 1971 sang Roy Ellis his blues-characteristic compositions See you later, and To father, in the film ‘Warm December’, the star performer was the magnificent film actor Sidney Poitier.

Since 1980 Roy Ellis lived in Switzerland and, in 1988 he became a holder of the Swiss nationality, and during the 90’s he performed with some pop stars like Phil Collins, Tina Turner or Celin Dion, who wanted him to back them with his choir, both on live shows and TV appearances. 

The return of Symarip's lead singer, Roy Ellis, to the Reggae/Ska scene, after two decades of being involved on his gospel and soul projects in Switzerland, came with ‘The Skinheads Dem A Come’ (The Skinheads Are Comming, in Jamaican), a brilliant recording with Roy Ellis studio musicians. An album full of hits, which is now repressed for his fans all around the world celebration. The cover shows a crew of skinheads chasing Roy Ellis for autographs, something that oftenly happen during his tours in countries like Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brasil, Japan, USA and all around Europe.


A1.  Wang Yu 
A2.  The Skinheads Dem A Come 
A3.  Come On And Dance With Me 

B1.  I Was Busted 
B2.  Hog In A Mi Minty
B3.  I'm Gona Knock - I'm Gona Knock 
B4.  Say When - Say When

C1.  I Don't Want You - I Don't Need You Anymore 
C2.  The Skinheads Them Crash The Moon 
C3.  I'm Talking About Love 
C4.  Take It As It Come 

D1.  Sugar Dumpline 
D2.  My Caravan Queen 
D3.  Eastern Star

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