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George Dekker / Champian 7"

George Dekker / Champian 7"

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Import 7" Vinyl - Direct from Liquidator!

A.   George Dekker with Mighty Megatons - Take Me Home
B.   Champian with Mighty Megatons - Good Feelings

Concept by Caribbean Uptempo 
Produced by Rudy King (Manu Del Conte)
Mixed and mastered at Aloe Vera Records  
Recorded at Golden Hen Studio 
Riddim by Mighty Megatons 

Now on the streets!!!

Amazing single with George Dekker with the tune entitled ‘Take Me Home’ on the A side, a wicked rock steady song.

George Dekker is a Jamaican singer active since the 60's. Member of The Pioneers, with whom he is still active nowadays, besides his long solo career, with which collected his biggest hits in the early 70's.

Desmond Dekker's brother, is still playing live up to date, mainly with The Pioneers.

And on the B side there is Champian with a killer reggae 'deejay style’ to hit the dancefloor.

Champian is the MC and frontman on Tighten Up Crew sound system and music collective, based in London, active on the last decades. One of the best toasters and deejays ever with great talent and skills.

Both sides with the Mighty Megatons as backing band!

This release is fruit of the collaboration between Caribbean Uptempo crew, from Rome, Massive Intentional, from London, and Liquidator Music.

Both tunes have been written and produced by Rudy King from the Mighty Megatons.

Recorded at Golden Hen Studios, in Madrid, and mixed and mastered at Alove Vera Studios (Italy) by Alfredo Concilio.

Limited edition of 500 copies on 7” vinyl.

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