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Gangbusters LP

Gangbusters LP

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For me personally, the mod/ska revival of the mid-80's was an awakening in my mind, heart and soul.  

To this day, some of my best friends are the ones I made in that scene.  I grew up in La Jolla, an isolated bubble in San Diego County, but it was discovering this scene that exposed to me what life was really like. I was now hanging out with kids from all over the county, from different backgrounds and races, a melting pot of people.  The mod scene was divided into several sub-cultures, but the one I related to the most were the Rude Boys/Scooter Boys of the ska scene.  Out of the UK, the Two Tone bands were such a huge influence on the scene that it wasn't long before we had local ska bands.  When talking about San Diego ska back in the day, really only three bands come to mind: The Donkey Show, Multiple Choice and Gangbusters.  These bands were more connected to the 2nd wave of ska than the third wave, but the transition was happening.  Now, decades later, an album that was recorded in 1990 and never released will see the light of day. So break out your Doc Martens/Monkey Boots, some skinny suspenders and let's go skanking!

Tim Pyles
San Diego’s Mayor of Local Music

Available on white opaque 12" vinyl. First edition limited to 200 copies.


  • Real World
  • It's No Good
  • Sally
  • Texas Ska
  • Children
  • Bad Attitude
  • New Friends
  • What Kind of Fool?
  • A Million Miles
  • Someday
  • Bottle of Rum
  • Cities and Towns


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