EHR006 - Smoke and Mirrors Sound System - Smokescreen


Escape Hatch Records · Smoke and Mirrors Sound System "Smokescreen"


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Release Details

Release Date: August 11, 2023

Format: Available on translucent Mountain Dew electric yellow 12" vinyl with deluxe gatefold jacket.

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    1. Let's Dub (Victor Rice Mix)
    2. You Got Dubby (Agent Jay Mix)
    3. Reasoning Dub (Dub Robot Mix)
    4. Fade Away Dub (Black Market Dub Mix)
    5. Motive Dub (Roger Rivas Mix)
    6. The Great Dubvide (Victor Rice Mix)
    7. Motive Dub (DM Kahn Mix)
    8. Scroll on Dub (DM Kahn Mix)
    9. Mystic Man Dub (DM Kahn Mix)

Album Art

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