EHR004 - Smoke and Mirrors Sound System / Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra


Escape Hatch Records · Smoke and Mirrors Sound System / Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra Split 12"


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Release Details

Release Date: July 14, 2023

Format: Available on 12" translucent green vinyl

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  • Smoke and Mirrors Sound System - Gettin Through It
  • Smoke and Mirrors Sound System - Wolf Clothes
  • Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra - Uncanny Valley
  • Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra - Social Media Intermission
  • Smoke and Mirrors Sound System - Dubbin Through It
  • Smoke and Mirrors Sound System - Wolfclothes Dub
  • Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra - Uncanny Dub
  • Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra - Intermission Dub

Liner Notes

Rise and Shine: Explorations of Modern Life in Rocksteady and Dub
As you scan the small type on this record jacket you are holding, the letters start to blur. Your mind wanders. Am I going to be late? Did I call them back? Am I really going to try to regain focus and keep reading this? And who could blame you? You're busy. You're always busy. The days are automatic, weeks pass by without a second thought. And that's exactly what this record is about, actually. While your body instinctively grooves to the rocksteady beats contained within, the lyrics will urge you to question the routines you find yourself in. On the "Rise" side, the all-star supergroup Smoke and Mirrors Sound System will try to lift you up out of your rut. While on the "Shine" side, robot-fronted Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra will challenge you to take a look at your reflection in a funhouse mirror. And just when you think you are starting to wrap your head around what's going on, you're going to get hit with spaced-out dub versions of the same tracks that will leave you questioning everything. So rise and shine, rinse and repeat. Put on this record, and get up on your feet.

Album Art

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